Kisakallio – perfect place for trainings
As I mentioned – kilos is away with some sweat. Thank you guys for coming! Physical support + orienteering skills it keeps you going forward. This was 2nd preparation camp for TuMe for year 2012. Thanks to Jouni, Manu, Jussi, Juha Parikka, Sundman, Esa, Ecky, Martins.
Here is results from sprint training:
Rata 1
1. Martins 13:22
2. Esa 13:45
3. Erik 14:10
4. Erling 16:42
5min palautus
Rata 2
1. Martins 11:52
2. Esa 12:43
3. Ecky 13:04
4. Erling 13:39
5min palautus
Rata 3
1. Martins (~12min)
2. Esa
3. Ecky
4. Erling
5. Jones
6. Manu (~21min) (alone running on sunday)

Here you can download and check our long training in Kisakallio (before download – install Google Earth)

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